“Khanyi Mbau: Bling and nothingness” By Chris Roper


Oh Damn!!! if you thought the open letter to Khanyi Mbau was bad than you aint seen nothing yet. Chris Roper who is the editor of The Mail & Guardian has a little something to say about Khanyi Mbau and her latest Biography, dude goes hard man. I just think that this “tell all biography” what what is a publicity stunt by Miss Mbau, after years of drama and lies how are we to believe anything she says? anyway I’m not in a position to judge. What I can say though is that Khanyi Mbau lives in her own fictional world, that’s the only thing that makes sense to me when it comes to her

Here’s some interesting extracts from the article:

“Mbau’s contention that she has struggled so that the young girls of South Africa can walk free, hold their heads high and not feel shame at being a kept women paid for sex, is slightly perplexing. I know unemployment is high in our country, but is this really a great career choice? The perplexing part is not that women are forced to make these choices, or that they would want to, but that, given her own experience, Mbau seems to feel they’re worthy choices.”

” Imagine that your sins and excesses are so trite and boringly predictable that not even Satan, the Steve Jobs of temptation and damnation, can find a buyer for it. That’s pretty grim. Although possibly not as grim as Mbau’s idea of what it means to plunge into the depths, and of what constitutes the moral fibre to drag yourself out”

“The idea that being a self-serving, immoral egomaniac is in some way one of the precious democratic gifts Nelson Mandela bequeathed us, is beyond insulting. You can say many negative things about apartheid, but you can’t deny that as a system for allowing white men to take advantage of penniless black women, it did a far better job than our current government could ever hope to.”

” Because Khanyi Mbau is nothing, in the sense that celebrities are always a construct of society and culture, and can’t exist outside of that construct, every opinion about her necessarily becomes about the person speaking”

All in all its nicely written, I actually agree with some of his views, you can definitely tell that a “Proper” journalist wrote it, a bit subjective but hey Objectivity is a myth right?

Just when I thought we had heard the last of Khanyi Mbau she pops up again… ah damn!

here’s the link to the article! Check it out!  http://mg.co.za/article/2012-08-19-khaya-mbau-bling-and-nothingness


Beyonce: I was Here


This is Beyonce’s latest video “I was here” from her album “4”, she donated the song to the UN for World Humanitarian Day! its a very touching video, beautifully put together, I even shed a little tear… Deep!!!

There’s some controversy surrounding Beyonce’s initiative, apparently shes only doing this because she was called out for not being charitable, not giving back to her fans and for flaunting her wealth with her husband (Rapper JayZ). We will never really know people’s true intentions for doing things, but whether its a publicity stunt or not shes still helping a lot of people… view it as you might

Anyway I guess having a lot money comes with some controversy as well, you can never win in these streets…

PS: “One day, one message, one goal. To inspire people all over the world. To do something good no matter how big or small, for someone else.” – Beyonce Knowles/UN

Im sick and Tired…

Im just gonna use this opportunioty to vent about the things that im sick and tired of:

-Im sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions

-Im sick and tired of this cold weather (Im a spring baby) bare with me

-Im sick and tired Fake Friendships

-Im sick and tired of Cyber bullies

-Im sick and Tired of the low employment rate in this country

-Im sick and tired of the unequal economic system

-Im sick and tired of players (Guys who take advanatge of women)

-Im sick and tired of terrible songs playing on the radio

-Im sick and tired of stupid adverts that waste the consumer’s time

Now you let me know what your sick and tired of….

Welcome to the Chatter Box!!!!

heyo! I would like to extend a warm word of welcome to The chatter box, this is a blog that is meant to generate discussions about various topics that I feel are are fun, crazy, cool, weird or just plain old boring. there are no limits here… if it needs to be talked about, it shall be talked about, SIMPLE!. We live in the 21st century, why limit yourself when the world is filled with such cool and diverse things? I’m not a NORMAL person, so this is NOT a normal blog… what ever that is… anywhooo let the games begin!