Beyonce: I was Here

This is Beyonce’s latest video “I was here” from her album “4”, she donated the song to the UN for World Humanitarian Day! its a very touching video, beautifully put together, I even shed a little tear… Deep!!!

There’s some controversy surrounding Beyonce’s initiative, apparently shes only doing this because she was called out for not being charitable, not giving back to her fans and for flaunting her wealth with her husband (Rapper JayZ). We will never really know people’s true intentions for doing things, but whether its a publicity stunt or not shes still helping a lot of people… view it as you might

Anyway I guess having a lot money comes with some controversy as well, you can never win in these streets…

PS: “One day, one message, one goal. To inspire people all over the world. To do something good no matter how big or small, for someone else.” – Beyonce Knowles/UN


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