My favourite Advert of all time!!!!


Its local, its funny and it gets the message across.This one belongs in the classics I swear… I LOVE IT!!! Brilliant!!!


When it snowed in Joburg


When it snowed in Joburg

I know its a bit delayed but WE HAD SNOW JOBURG!!! I need a new saying though, saying “It will have to snow in Joburg first before I go out with him” will not cut it anymore in life! Bummer! Caption: me and my fellow Honours soldiers

Welcome to the Chatter Box!!!!

heyo! I would like to extend a warm word of welcome to The chatter box, this is a blog that is meant to generate discussions about various topics that I feel are are fun, crazy, cool, weird or just plain old boring. there are no limits here… if it needs to be talked about, it shall be talked about, SIMPLE!. We live in the 21st century, why limit yourself when the world is filled with such cool and diverse things? I’m not a NORMAL person, so this is NOT a normal blog… what ever that is… anywhooo let the games begin!