Introducing the “New American Idol” judges… huh Im sorry What???


So last night or something (Whenever Americans have their night) Mr Ryan Seacrest announced the new judges for “American Idol” I don’t know man, Mariah Carey is ayt (I question her singing abilities sometimes, but she can stay standing cos shes been doing it for ages), Keith Urban or what ever his name is is also ayt (Don’t what he does so I’m not gonna judge there as well , he can stay standing), BUT Nicki Minaj??? Oh hell no!!! lemme break it down for for a minute
1. Nicki Minaj is basically still a new comer in the industry
2. Nicki Minaj cannot SING to save her life
3. Nicki Minaj has a million dollar contract with Pepsi and shes gonna be judging a show that’s sponsored by COKE

I could go on and on but it has more effect when I just name 3 (creates a dramatic echo of some sort). I’m not liking the road that the show is taking, there are so many brilliant SINGERS out there but than they opted for popularity instead of talent… man I’m sick of these talent shows, would you believe me if I said because of this the world is gonna end sooner than we thought??? mind you I’m a big Nicki Minaj fan but this aint right ya’ll


When it snowed in Joburg


When it snowed in Joburg

I know its a bit delayed but WE HAD SNOW JOBURG!!! I need a new saying though, saying “It will have to snow in Joburg first before I go out with him” will not cut it anymore in life! Bummer! Caption: me and my fellow Honours soldiers