Tamar Braxton (My new obsession)


“Braxton Family values” is a reality show that centres around the life of the Braxton sisters Traci; Trina; Tamar (My favourite); Towanda and Toni (Yes the famous Toni Braxton). I know we are currently flooded with reality show, but this one is different, I like it cos its realer than most of the shows that are currently out there. I will admit that when I heard that Toni Braxton and her family were doing a reality show I was kinda skeptical, I actually wasn’t event gonna waste my time but it literally took a 1min clip to change my mind, now I’m proper hooked (yes I’m delayed but hey..) Miss Chatter Box is always on YouTube tryna watch as much as she can due to her being so behind (I think they’re on the third season now). I must say that after watching a few clips (Cant find full episodes anywhere) Ive grown very fond of Tamar Braxton (The baby sister)… OMG would you believe me if I said that I totally see myself in her, she is thee craziest person in the family (Can totally relate); shes forever running her mouth (Can totally relate) and shes fabulous (Can totally relate), shes just a bundle of awesomeness.
ANOTHER SHOCK OF LIFE IS THAT TAMAR BRAXTON IS THE CHICK THAT SINGS “IF YOU DON’T WANNA LOVE ME”, Like that is seriously one of my favourite RnB songs of all time and I had no idea that it was Toni Braxton’s sister that sang it DAMN. I’m confused though… as to how she did not get any success in her music career, I think it has to do with being the sister of a already famous superstar whom she was singing background for (Her and Solange Knowles have something in common), but I wish she really works hard on reviving her music career this time… I mean the show has created a lot of publicity around her, Shes not just a big mouth but she can actually SING. I dont what I love more the show or the fact that I’m gonna see Tamar on the show *Shrugs*
Anywwhooooo I don’t wanna bore ya’ll with some long ass history lesson and stuff, just check out this clip of some of her funniest moments on the show (excuse the low quality), i love the way she refers to herself as “She, Her, Me” LOL. If you don’t find it funny you seriously need to “Get your life”


Beyonce: I was Here


This is Beyonce’s latest video “I was here” from her album “4”, she donated the song to the UN for World Humanitarian Day! its a very touching video, beautifully put together, I even shed a little tear… Deep!!!

There’s some controversy surrounding Beyonce’s initiative, apparently shes only doing this because she was called out for not being charitable, not giving back to her fans and for flaunting her wealth with her husband (Rapper JayZ). We will never really know people’s true intentions for doing things, but whether its a publicity stunt or not shes still helping a lot of people… view it as you might

Anyway I guess having a lot money comes with some controversy as well, you can never win in these streets…

PS: “One day, one message, one goal. To inspire people all over the world. To do something good no matter how big or small, for someone else.” – Beyonce Knowles/UN